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3pc Savor Series Grater Set

Modern design grater trio

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Elevate your kitchen with the Microplane Savor Series 3-Piece Grater Set, featuring long-lasting stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles for fine, coarse, and extra coarse grating perfection. Dishwasher-friendly, it's the ideal combination of design and practicality.

Discover the Savor Series by Microplane: The Ultimate 3-Piece Grater Set

Transform your culinary creations with the exceptional elegance and superior performance of the Microplane Savor Series Grater Set. This meticulously designed 3-piece collection promises to be an indispensable tool in every kitchen, providing the perfect blend of style and functionality that Microplane products are globally renowned for.

Refined Features:

  • Sophisticated Minimalistic Design: Embrace the sleek, modern lines of the Savor Series, crafted to complement any kitchen decor while saving you space with its compact design.
  • Three Versatile Grating Options: Equipped with fine, coarse, and extra coarse blades, this set ensures you have the exact texture needed. Effortlessly zest citrus, finely grate hard cheeses, or create shavings of chocolate to top off your desserts.
  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each grater features Microplane's industry-leading made in the USA stainless steel blades, celebrated for their long-lasting sharpness and unmatched grating efficiency.
  • Comfort-Focused Handle: The soft-touch handles are ergonomically designed to deliver a secure and comfortable grip, reducing fatigue while you work your magic in the kitchen.
  • Protective Cover for Safety: Each grater in the Savor Series is accompanied by a protective cover, safeguarding the blades and ensuring your hands remain safe between uses.
  • Anti-skid Base for Added Stability: Whether grating over a cutting board or directly into a bowl, these graters maintain remarkable stability, thanks to their anti-skid base.
  • Easy Cleaning Access: The entire set is dishwasher safe, allowing you to clean up quickly after preparing your favorite dishes. (Hand Wash Cover)

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Fine Grater 
  • 1 x Coarse Grater 
  • 1 x Extra Coarse Grater 
  • 3 x Fitted Protective Covers

With the Microplane Savor Series 3-Piece Grater Set, you're not just elevating your kitchen tools, you're investing in the unparalleled quality and innovative design that chefs and food enthusiasts around the world trust. Get ready to savor every moment of your food prep, and let the Microplane Savor Series reveal the full potential of your ingredients, one zest, and grate at a time.

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