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Microplane is Employee-Owned

Since 2019, Microplane has been employee-owned.  As part of Grace Stakeholder Investments, Microplane now offers company shares to each employee after approximately one year of service and become100% vested after five years.  Employee-owned means that employees receive shares in the company and benefit from either increased or decreased value of those shares over time.  Employees in employee-owned companies understand their importance and how their contribution affects the share price.  Employee-owned companies tend to perform better than publicly held companies. 
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The Best Ginger Grater and All About Ginger

Ginger is a fantastic spice and prized for its diverse culinary applications. It is a well-known and fundamental ingredient in many Asian cuisines. The Microplane 3-in-1 Ginger Tool simplifies the task of prepping ginger. The ginger tool can peel, grate, and slice. This sharp and efficient gadget features a peeler on the side to quickly remove the peel of knobby fresh ginger root. The rasp-like grating and slicing tool features a soft-grip handle and a non-slip base, allowing it to be used flat or at any angle. Thanks to its space-saving and narrow profile, the ginger grater can be stored in countertop caddies or kitchen drawers. Beyond grating ginger, the 3-in-1 Ginger Tool can quickly grate garlic and slice garlic.

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It's all about the beets!

Beets are fresh summer vegetables that are easy to use in many ways. Use the leaves for green salads, and the beetroot can be used for meals from soups to sides and salads. Beets are very healthy and contain a lot of fiber. We recommend using the Microplane V-Slicer as the go-to kitchen tool to prepare julienned beets or sliced beets.  
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New Gourmet Series Dual Blade Grater

Microplane, the premier authority on exceptionally sharp culinary tools for chefs and home cooks, has complemented their popular Gourmet Series paddle-style collection with the launch of this new utensil that combines two of the most popular blade styles - Fine and Coarse- onto one surface.  The ultra-convenient Gourmet Series Dual Blade cheese grater is available now! 
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