We are pleased to announce that Jarrett Hale joined the Microplane family in the Russellville, AR office on Monday, September 9th. We are confident he will be a great addition to our team!
Jarrett was born in Oregon and is the youngest of 4. He's a huge fan of basketball and spending time with his 2 kiddos and his wife, Sumer.
We'd also like you to join us in welcoming Sam Camelio who will serve as our E-Commerce Marketplace Strategist, working remotely from Rochester, NY. He has a depth of experience and will help continue to grow our marketplace presence! Sam likes to play kickball in the KLOR during the summer. He loves to collect coins, attend local music shows, and his pup, Tess.

When To Retire Your Rasp-Style Microplane Grater

when to get a new microplane
You're trying to whip up a quick stir-fry, but grating the amount of ginger called for in the recipe is taking forever. Is it possible that your trusty grater has finally lost its edge? Though they're impressively sharp when new, the teeth of even our favorite rasp-style grater can dull over time. To determine whether it's time to replace your tool, grab a lemon (try to find a really bumpy-skinned one) and run your grater over it. If the resulting zest is fluffy and dry, your grater is fine! But if the zest forms a wet, oily paste, it's time for a new grater. - Cooks Illustrated, 2018

How To Clean Your Microplane

wash your microplane
  1. Wash it right away. While you're still cooking, before the food has a chance to dry/harden onto the blades. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with those nearly pasted-on bits of zest.
  2. How do you wash it? Soak in warm/hot water for a few minutes while doing the rest of your dishes, then wipe off with a soapy sponge in the direction of the blades.
  3. Always fully dry it and store it in the plastic protective cover. That's for two reasons: to reduce dulling and to reduce accidentally slicing your fingers!
  4. Finally, some foods will stain (like turmeric) so consider having one for savory foods (garlic, turmeric, cheeses) and one for chocolate and other dessert ingredients.
-Food & Wine, 2018