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Creamy Vodka Sauce & Steak Pasta Dinner Recipe

Do you have leftover steak? Extra zucchini from the garden? If so, look no further than this recipe that brings these two items together with a creamy vodka pasta sauce. Purchase the sauce for a quick meal and spiralize or julienne your zucchini into zoodles to use in place of noodles for a healthy one. Go ahead and mix zoodles with regular pasta for a serving of pasta that has fewer calories. This easy steak dinner is a winner and will be one you use repeatedly.   
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Microplane is Employee-Owned

Since 2019, Microplane has been employee-owned.  As part of Grace Stakeholder Investments, Microplane now offers company shares to each employee after approximately one year of service and become100% vested after five years.  Employee-owned means that employees receive shares in the company and benefit from either increased or decreased value of those shares over time.  Employees in employee-owned companies understand their importance and how their contribution affects the share price.  Employee-owned companies tend to perform better than publicly held companies. 
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The Best Ginger Grater and All About Ginger

Ginger is a fantastic spice and prized for its diverse culinary applications. It is a well-known and fundamental ingredient in many Asian cuisines. The Microplane 3-in-1 Ginger Tool simplifies the task of prepping ginger. The ginger tool can peel, grate, and slice. This sharp and efficient gadget features a peeler on the side to quickly remove the peel of knobby fresh ginger root. The rasp-like grating and slicing tool features a soft-grip handle and a non-slip base, allowing it to be used flat or at any angle. Thanks to its space-saving and narrow profile, the ginger grater can be stored in countertop caddies or kitchen drawers. Beyond grating ginger, the 3-in-1 Ginger Tool can quickly grate garlic and slice garlic.

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