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Deluxe Select Series Cheese Grater Set with Microplane Zester

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This set includes five pieces: fine grater, medium/coarse grater, extra coarse grater, ribbon grater and the iconic microplane zester, and protective sheaths (one for each piece). The blades are made of US stainless steel, which means they'll last you a long time and stay sharp.
The Deluxe Select Series Cheese Grater Set with Microplane Zester is the perfect addition to your kitchen and grating needs.

This set comes with 5 pieces, including fine, medium/coarse, ribbon, coarse, and zester. The blades are made of US Stainless Steel, at our facility in Russellville Arkansas; blades are laser etched for extra sharpness. The protective sheaths included make it easy to store your graters and protect them from damage while they are not in use. The base of the frame has a non-slip foot to keep the grater from slipping while you cook and prevent any scratching on your countertops. This offers multiple grating options and features extra stability with an anti-skid base making it easy to get the ideal grate for every plate.

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