Earthy and sweet beets are popular garden vegetables used year-round in many dishes. From their leafy green tops to their bulb-like "roots," beets can impart their vibrant colors, flavors, and texture to soups, salads, mains, and more. The summer heat highlights the versatility of beetroots. Whether grated, julienned, or sliced, raw beets are a great addition to salads, slaws, and juices. Small, young beets are incredibly well suited for these warm weather foods, as they are more flavorful and tender than their full-grown counterparts. Older beets are perfect for pickling to enjoy in the winter, as they pair perfectly on the Thanksgiving table as a side. Don't forget to use the leafy green tops to add to your healthy summer salad.

Typically harvested in the summer, you can also find beets in various colors at farmers' markets if you don't have any luck in your garden. To store, separate the leaves from the roots and keep them unwashed in the refrigerator in plastic bags.

One of our favorite salads is a lovely julienned beet and goat cheese salad. There are many recipes to choose from, all of which are good. We have preferred the recipes that use a small julienne cut from a roasted beet.

If you want pickled beets, you can choose a refrigerator pickled beet or go all the way into canned or pickled beets that are heat processed. Either way, we know you will enjoy the tangy yet sweet taste.

We recommend using the Microplane Adjustable V-Slicer as the go-to kitchen tool to prep this root vegetable. The V-blade slicer decking flips over to reveal a set of julienne teeth, and the top of the deck runs the beets through the slicer. You can adjust the V-shaped slicing blade thickness by turning the knob on the back. It fits on top of a bowl without slipping, so you can slice or julienne directly into a salad bowl or pot. The slicer comes with a food holder or finger guard. However, because, as you know, Microplane gadgets are sharp, we recommend using a glove to avoid any accidental injury to your hands.