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Kids Classic Short Grater Set + Glove

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What's more fun than cooking? Getting to cook WITH your kids! With the Microplane Kids Cooking Grater Set, you can get your kids involved in cutting up food, preparing meals, and doing things like grating cheese safely, without risking cuts or knicks that could lead to injury. The blades on the Microplane Grater Set are made in the USA, so you know they are of the highest-quality construction. And the cut-resistant glove that comes with this set ensures that your child is protected from accidental cuts and knicks while using these kid-friendly kitchen utensils.
With the safe and reliable Microplane Kids Cooking Grater Set, you can be sure that your kids are being protected while they learn to cook. 

This set includes 3 graters and a cut-resistant glove. 

So go ahead, let your kids get involved with cooking! They'll have a blast while they learn new skills and develop an interest in culinary arts.  Our cut resistant glove fits either hand and is FDA compliant for food contact. It's rated EN388 5 cut resistant, meeting both EU and US standards. Each rasp style grater comes with a reusable cover,  etched grating surface, and an easy to hold handle. It's crafted with etched stainless steel blades, that effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing and shredding. 

Set Includes:
1 Fine Zester
1 Ribbon Grater
1 Extra Coarse Grater
1 Cut Resistant Glove

Product Details:
  • Measurements: Length 9 1/8" x Width 4"
  • Cut resistant wire-free knit glove
  • Fits either hand and one size fits most
  • Protects hands from accidental contact with sharp blades
  • FDA Compliant for food contact
  • EN388 Level 5 for cut resistant
  • ANSI Level 4 for cut resistant
  • Teflon or heat protection is not rated

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