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3-Piece Gourmet Jar Top Collection

Perfect Slicing, Stripping, and Spiralizing

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Unleash your culinary creativity with Microplane's 3pc Jar Top Set, featuring a Corn Stripper, Slicer, and Spiralizer. Perfect for uniform slicing, effortless stripping, and vibrant spiralizing, our top-rated kitchen set is a must-have for every modern home cook and professional chef.
The Microplane 3pc Jar Top Set, an absolute game-changer to your kitchen utensils collection. This brilliant set, including a Corn Stripper, Slicer, and Spiralizer, is designed to make your meal prep easy, sophisticated, and extremely time-saving. This ultimate kitchen set is a must-have tool for every home cook and professional chef.

SLICER: The Slicer impeccably cuts your favorite vegetables into uniform 1/8 inch slices. Get the perfect thinness, enhance your culinary presentations, and enjoy consistency in every bite.

CORN STRIPPER: Our Corn Stripper is equipped with sharp stainless steel blades for effortlessly removing kernels with utmost precision. Say goodbye to the mess and enjoy quick and clean corn stripping!

SPIRALIZER: Jazz up your veggies! Our Spiralizer easily transforms vegetables like carrots, zucchini, parsnips, beets, cucumbers, and more into fun, attractive spirals. A healthy and creative way to incorporate more vegetables into your meals.

Each implement in this 3pc set fits seamlessly onto your wide-mouth jars, turning these common household items into a convenient, one-stop storage solution. Upgrade your kitchen experience with this ultimate set from Microplane – built for efficiency and designed for every culinary passion.

About this item

  • WIDE MOUTH JAR- Simply screw the tool on a wide mouth jar until tight.
  • EASY TO STORE: Tucks away easily in kitchen drawers.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Stainless steel is naturally BPA free. Place the grater in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • BEST FOR: Mason jar meals, on-the-go meals, meal prep, and more.

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