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Microplane Woodworking 8-Inch Snap-in Round Replacement Blade - Fine

Wood Carving Shaping Rasp

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Your go-to solution for fixing swollen, sticking doors and cleaning up holes in sheetrock. This innovative blade is designed to easily snap on and off, streamlining your workshop experience while saving time and space. Compatible with the Microplane Snap-In Handle, this high-quality blade ensures precision and efficiency for all your woodworking needs. Enhance your craftsmanship with the perfect tool that blends convenience and performance.

Prepare to enjoy carving with versatile Microplane Snap-Ins which feature replaceable and reversible blades that may be turned for use on the pull or push of a stroke. Available in Coarse and Fine.

Product Details

  • Reversible for push or pull direction and features replaceable blades.
  • Easy snap-on and snap-off process to save time and space in your workshop.
  • Made to fit 8" inch Snap In Handle.
  • Blades made from high quality hardened stainless steel for long lasting use.
  • Blade Replacements available in Flat, Round, and Angle, either Fine or Coarse.
  • Handles made of glass-filled nylon for added stability.
  • Materials: Blade made of 400 series stainless steel.

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