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Ecograte™ Series Coarse / Medium Cheese Grater - Natural Gray

etched medium grater

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This paddle-shaped cheese grater is made from a mixture of organic Moso bamboo and resin, which means it's not only beautiful but also sustainable. The frame is easy to hold onto, and the broad grating surface allows for more room to efficiently get the job done.
The EcoGrate Series Coarse Cheese Grater is a bamboo and resin paddle-shaped hand-held cheese grater that can be used to grate your favorite cheese or nuts. This durable, dishwasher-safe cheese grater features razor-sharp surgical-grade stainless steel blades that create consistently sized shreds that add flavor and color to your most popular dishes and drinks.

Grate your favorite cheese, carrots, ginger, coconut, or nuts with the help of this grater. Garnish your pasta dishes, salads, and soups with cheese by using this grater at home.

EcoGrate Series was designed with the environment in mind; it is free of BPA, Melamine (a plastic), PVC (plastic), and Phthalate (a chemical). The handle is biodegradable and the blade is recyclable.

Product Details:
The grater frames are made with a mixture of organic moso bamboo and plastic resin. Although technically a grass, the bamboo fiber when mixed with resin and starch make it as durable as steel.
The Microplane EcoGrate Series was designed with the environment in mind. The entire grater is BPA, Melamine, PVC, and Phthalate free. The handle is biodegradable and the blade is recyclable.
The coarse blade is ideal for grating cheese, carrots, ginger, coconut, and nuts.
The Microplane EcoGrate Series includes a reusable cardstock packing sleeve for blade protection and safe storage when not in use.
Dishwasher safe

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