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Mixing Bowl Grater Fine Grater for Zesting & Spicing - Black and Grey

Cheese Grater Bowl for Ginger, Garlic and Nutmeg

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This fine bowl grater easily grates hard cheeses, spices, ginger and more. The blades are designed to be ultra-sharp in order to grate ingredients easily and in a short amount of time. To use, simply place the bowl grater over any mixing bowl. The BPA and phthalate-free kitchen tool uses a fine blade that is made in the USA. The blades will not rust, even with repeated use.
The Microplane Fine Bowl Grater is the perfect kitchen tool for easy grating of hard cheeses, spices, or zesting.  

Product Info: 
Dishwasher Safe - This tool is dishwasher safe and uses BPA and phthalate-free material. The high-quality stainless steel blade is made in the USA and will not rust.
Use any Bowl – Use any mixing bowl and place the bowl grater inside. It can fit over the top of smaller bowls.  Hassle-free, and stores easily, no need to find a special lid to fit a special bowl!
Cheese Grater- Microplane is known for its ultra-sharp blades that are made in the USA. A fine blade type is a correct tool to use for grating hard cheese like Parmesan or Asiago. 
Bowl Grater can be used for hard cheeses, spices, onion, radish, ginger, and zesting citrus fruits.

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