Microplane, the premier authority on exceptionally sharp culinary tools for chefs and home cooks, has complemented their popular Gourmet Series paddle-style collection with the launch of this new utensil that combines two of the most popular blade styles - Fine and Coarse- onto one surface. The ultra-convenient Gourmet Series Dual Blade cheese grater is available now!

Designed with both the professional chef and home cook in mind, Microplane's sleek and ultra-sharp Dual Blade Cheese Grater features a USA-made stainless steel blade with extremely sharp edges that quickly and effortlessly cuts through hard and soft foods without tearing. The expansive, paddle-shaped Dual Blade Grater offers ample grating surface to make fast work out of testing citrus, grating potatoes, grating carrots, grating onions, grating cheese, and more. The soft-touch handle is crafted with a convenient loop for hanging on kitchen racks and matches back to the best-selling Premium Classic Series. For added convenience and practicality, the tool is dishwasher safe and comes complete with a clear protective cover for safe storage in kitchen canisters and inside drawers. For added safety, non-slip feet at the base of the grater provide stability when positioned on a countertop, cutting board, plate, or bowl.

The Fine blade side of the Dual Grater is ideal for grating all types of citrus peels without lifting off the fruit's bitter-tasting pith. It is also the perfect kitchen tool for grating various hard spices - such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves - that can add subtle or robust flavors to recipes. The larger, Coarse blade can easily grate softer cheese, carrots, other root vegetables, fruits like pears, apples, coconut, and even chocolate!