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Professional Julienne Peeler- Green

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The Microplane Professional Julienne Peeler is designed to peel vegetables into thin, even strips (julienne cut). This peeler can also be used by left-handed or right-handed people, thanks to the swivel action. Featuring a super soft-touch, ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable peeling.
The new Microplane Professional Julienne Peeler has an elegant and balanced design ideal for peeling soft-skinned fruit. The ultra-sharp, curved, stainless-steel serrated double blade swivels up to 30┬░ to expertly contour vegetables and guarantees perfect results every time. Simply place the julienne blade on the skin of the ingredient and gently peel.

Unlike traditional peelers, the Professional Serrated Peeler is slightly heavier and the blades can be moved back and forth, with little pressure, in one movement.
The soft-touch, ergonomic handle, expertly created for right or left-hand use, enables the thumb and forefinger to find the optimum position for precise and comfortable use.

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