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Spice Mill Cinnamon and Nutmeg Grinder - Purist Blue

Small Spice Grinder

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Effortlessly Grind Nutmeg and Cinnamon with Our Durable Manual Spice Mill
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Manual Spice Grinder
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Introducing our spice mill, perfect for grinding cinnamon and nutmeg to enhance the flavors of your culinary creations. With its compact size and durable construction, this grinder is easy to use and clean, making it a must-have tool in every kitchen. Elevate your cooking game and enjoy freshly ground spices in every dish!

The Spice Mill grinds hard spices to make the most of your cooking and baking

The Microplane Spice Mill grinds hard spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to optimize the flavor of your cooking and baking. Designed for professional chefs and home cooks, our Spice Mill also features storage on the top where you can keep your whole spices! The Spice Mill should be hand washed and disassembles for easy cleaning.

The manual-style Spice Mill produces individual and personalized grind textures based on the amount of pressure used when twisting the top. To use, simply remove the plunger, place hard spices in the base, replace the plunger, push down on the top, and twist clockwise with one hand while holding the base with the other hand.

  • Dimensions: 4 1/2" tall x 2 1/8" diameter
  • Manual style grinder uses light pressure to operate
  • Convenient airtight storage on top to store whole spices
  • Grinds hard spices like cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Grinding spices while they are fresh optimizes flavor
  • Soft touch coating is nice to hold
  • Blades with 128 ultra-sharp teeth made in USA
  • Disassembles for cleaning
  • Shipping Weight: 6 oz

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