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The product is shipped with the V-slicing blade in position and should also be stored in this position. To use the julienne blades: remove the deck, flip it over to expose julienne blades, and sna back into position. See further instructions below.

Instructions for Slicing:

  1. Set slicer blade to desired thickness by turning the infinity dial located on backside of unit.
  2. Firmly hold the handle of the slicer in one hand, either resting the rubber feet on a flat surface, or by positioning the bowl hooks on the base of the unit oer the rim for stability.
  3. Hold and align the food guard oer the food to be sliced. Push food into prongs and textured plate or open food guard to grip food.
  4. Apply steady pressure to food guard as you carefully move food over blade.
Use caution to avoid blade contact with hand

Instructions for Julienne:

  1. Remove deck by placing finger in slot and pulling up.
  2. Once deck is removed, flip deck oer to expose julienne blades.
  3. Snap deck backinto place inside unit. Follow steps 1-4 above.

Use and Care

  • Rinse all pieces in warm water immediately after each use.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Store unit with blade deck in "slicer" position and turn dial so that V-blade is closed.
  • The blade and teeth are extremely sharp to offer the best performance and may cause serious injury if not used properly.