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XL Pro 2-in-1 Foot File and Foot Buffer System - Red

Foot Grater for Dead Skin

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The Microplane XL Pro foot file is the perfect foot file for a home pedicure! The XP Pro system comes with a filing cartridge that quickly removes unwanted calluses and a buffering cartridge for a smooth finish and baby-soft feet. This file also features a built-in receptacle that catches filings and dead skin, keeping the area cleaner!

The latest application of a unique Microplane etching process created the innovative “micro-file” design, which removes dry skin without much effort. The tiny files are immediately effective, amazingly easy, and surprisingly gentle leaving feet feeling smooth and refreshed. Tough calluses and dry skin quickly disappear.

The Microplane® XL–Pro 2-in-1 File/Buffer System features larger, replaceable filing and buffing cartridges, a long er handle, and an integrated skin receptacle. The curved, extended reach handle is easily positioned to lessen stress and strain as you access the bottom of your foot. See Foot File Comparison Chart

System Includes

  • XL-Pro Foot File handle with built-in receptacle
  • One interchangeable and replaceable filing cartridge
  • One interchangeable and replaceable buffing cartridge
  • Extended Curved Handle
  • Protective cover

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 2" x 1"
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Materials: Surgical grade stainless steel filing surface. Plastic body and frame material designed to withstand professional sanitizing solutions, such as Barbicide.
  • Filing surface made in USA. Assembled in MX..

CAUTION: Do not use this product if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, or have any inflammation or open wounds on your feet. Always consult your physician if any of these conditions exist.

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